Video Segments

Trout Tales: Starting off trout season with the characters at Totowa Bait & Tackle, a 50-year institution for nature buffs in the urban city of Paterson, NJ.


Desperate for Help: The sister of a schizophrenic man talks about her fears that he will relapse after a hospital closed its mental health ward. In the past, he has wandered around naked and collected an arsenal of knives without medication.


Last Man Standing: One of the last doctors to survive a hospital closing talks about the medical center's former glory, the current ghost and his future in a "medical mall".


The "New" New York Times: An inside glimpse at the newspaper of record's new office building in New York City. A veteran copy desk chief talks franklys about the the ups and downs of the $500 million building.


United by Faith: An all-white, Dutch Presbyterian church learns to love a black Baptist preacher. Get a glimpse of him delivering his fiery sermon before the silent congregation.


Still Waiting: Documenting the adoption saga story of one New Jersey couple, who have waited four years for their two girls to come home from Azerbaijan. The case reflects the growing complexity and barriers in international adoption.


Aftermath of Hurricane Noel: A Dominican woman living in a refuge camp appeals for help after Hurricane Noel destroyed her home. I shot the segment while reporting from the island in November.


Dominicans Prepare to Vote: I walk with a young New Jersey woman as she registers local Dominican to vote in presidential elections back at the island.



Bloqueo: Looking at the U.S. Embargo against Cuba - Featuring voices from the streets of Havana and the Cuban countryside, Bloqueo (or blockade) lets Cubans speak for themselves about how they have been affected by the blockade, and what it means to live in Cuba today. The 45-minute documentary also looks at the successes that Cuba has made in areas like and healthcare and the environment.