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Newark's Arts Scene - For years, Newark artists have touted their city as the next big thing, offering the trifecta of cheap rents, city life and proximity to Manhattan. Some cultural insiders believe the art scene is really starting to burgeon, if the economic downturn doesn't dampen it.


Jazzmobile Arrives in Newark - Newark, New Jersey used to be a hotbed for jazz, but the Newark riots destroyed all that.
Recently, jazz returned to the city through Jazzmobile -- a program founded over 40 years ago to bring jazz to under-served neighborhoods.


Tour the Grand Bazaar - the biggest, oldest shopping mall in the world - with narration from a trader who grew up there. See sights and hear sounds from one of the largest attractions in Istanbul.


Discover the art of Turkish carpets with narration from Hikmet Sirlak, a lifelong seller and lover of the ancient textiles. Peruse a carpet shop in Istanbul and hear Silvak explain the appeal of Turkish carpets.


Don't miss the photography section from Turkey:
Tour ancient cisterns, savor syrupy baklava, witness political uprising
and get a taste of small-town living in my most visual trip yet.